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The Soul Untangled is a spiritual energetic podcast where we discuss the entanglements we have around our soul, and how to untangle and connect to the deep wisdom of our soul. Basically my life purpose is to bring the energy of my soul down to Earth and help others do the same. Souls love one another, souls love the Earth and the more each of us are connected to our soul and life purpose, the more peace and harmony we will have together, here on Earth.

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Episode 8: Breath Alchemy with Pablo Castro
Pablo was my trainer at Alchemy of Breath, and thus my gentle travel guide during that part of my journey. During our conversation we dance with the transformational power of breath. From first experiences with it, the eye opening insights it has provided me and others, and its effects on our bodies. Also Pablo shares some of his knowledge on breathing techniques providing examples to relax your body.
If you feel called to connect with Pablo, you can reach him at https://www.instagram.com/justbreathe.pablo and see his offerings at https://linktr.ee/justbreathe.pablo
Episode 7: Glow From the Dark with Aminah Sheikh and Marta Grabowska

As I knew we would, Aminah, Marta and I had so much fun doing this episode about their shadow work which they call “Glow from the Dark”. Knowing Aminah, I knew it would be both deep, wise and joyful. With a lot of loving self reflection and kind teasing. During the conversation, we touched on all the themes they will cover in their workshop series for conscious practitioners. Themes for those who are ready to joyfully and lovingly look into the darkness to face the demons and find the gifts hidden there. This includes Shadows of Seeking Approval, Shadows of Jealousy, Energy Vampires & Co-dependency, Transforming Shadows, How Much Is Too Much?, Sexuality and The Client, Shadows of Truth and Co-creation & Not Crab Reaction. This is an episode that I know I will revisit and get new wisdom from many times.

If you feel drawn to be in the circle of co-creation with Aminah and Marta, visit their website shadowmystics.co or instagram: thebreathofshadowmystics 

Episode 6: Accessing creative feminine power through dancing with Laila Wodtke Nissen
My dance with Laila started almost 10 years ago, when I stumbled into her 5Rhythms class. At that time I didn’t have much access to the wisdom of my body. Through dancing I learned to feel my own energy and bring it into my relations with others and with life. I learned to trust my energy, my movements and to trust life. Today I happily call myself life dancer, and live much of my life from the wisdom of my body, my feminine power. In this episode, Laila and I share/explore our experiences with the 5 Rhythms® dancing and how the knowledge we have developed allows us to create from our feminine power.
If you feel inspired to learn more about Laila and her work, please find her at lailanissen.dk
Episode 5: Untangling our childhood with Philippa Robinson

I was so fortunate to run across Philippa during our intensive work on coaching with Willow, and found that we have so many similarities in how we have started untangling our soul late in life. We have both realised that it is never too late to release our childhood traumas, how our inner child have never given up on getting our attention, and when the journey has begun, we will never turn back and are relentless in our pursuit of our truth and authenticity. During our conversation we recalled a song that we both feel say a lot about the journey we are on. It is Shine by Fia, which you can listen to on Spotify.

If you feel like connecting with Philippa Robinson, please reach out to her through safeandsupported.co.uk

Episode 4: Harnessing the Power of Strong Senses in Men, with Jason Russell

When Jason started talking about his work with HSP men, I realised that I have a lot of highly sensitive men in my extended family and network. And many of them are not aware of their power and importance to the world, or are holding themselves back in the fear of using their masculinity in a destructive manner as they have seen it done. However that means that they are withholding the support they are here to give humanity, and they are not the role models of young men that they could be. Fortunately Jason jumped right in, when I asked him to do a podcast with me on this topic, leading to this deep conversation on HSP men and their gifts, challenges and importance to the world. And how to activate their gift.

If you read this, and you are a man, there is a big chance that you are highly sensitive, even if you would not recognise yourself as one, or might even consider yourself insensitive. Even as a woman, being raised in a masculine culture and working in a masculine environment, the last word I wanted to identify with was sensitive - today I know that I am indeed very sensitive and that it is my strongest trait, when I am conscious about it and treats it with care and respect.

If you feel inspired to see more about the work that Jason does, please visit his webpage strongsenses.com

Episode 3: Callout to Sensitive Sensation Seekers with Sacha Chapman

I didn’t know there was a trait called High Sensation Seeking (HSS) until I met Sacha, neither did I understand the value of my adventurous spirit, but it just so resonated with me. Being a person who loves adventure and is always on the lookout for new exiting challenges, and trying to balance this with my big sense of responsibility and sensitivity that comes with the High Sensory Intelligence (HSI), has been a recurring challenge in my life. Through this conversation with Sacha I got a much deeper understanding of the trait, why I have felt so different and split in my personality and also how valuable this trait is to our society and the changes we need to go through to be able to continue our life on Earth. Being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) and having the HSS trait as well sometimes feels to me like being a turtle just wanting to run freely on the savannah like a gazelle. People with HSS as well as HSI naturally seeks adventure towards connecting with their soul and higher intelligence, they are pioneers and are highly needed right now to find the new paths we need to go as humans.

To test if you have the HSS trait yourself, go to https://hsperson.com/test/high-sensation-seeking-test/

If you feel called to connect with Sacha, please find her at https://rebellovejourney.com/

Episode 2: Akashic Records Embodied

Anneli Lindeborgh and I discuss Annelis work as an embodiment trainer providing trainings on Akashic Records Healing, as well as my experiences with the training.

If you feel called to learn more about Annelis work, you can find her website at deeproots-akashichealing.com or in danish at nytidnytliv.dk

Episode 1: Awakening our High Sensory Intelligence with Willow McIntosh

In this episode with Willow McIntosh we started with an aim to talk about High Sensory People (HSP), how Willow is supporting HSPs including me to recognise and use our gift as High Sensory Coaches and how my journey has been. We come around quite a few things and end out with a deep conversation on the high sensory intelligence and its role in spiritual awakening.

If you feel called to find out more about Willows work and the high sensory intelligence, go to https://www.highsensoryintelligence.com.

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